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From 2012 to 2022, Island Christian Academy established itself as a thriving educational community in the heart of Hong Kong Island. The school was operated and managed by Generations, through a formal collaboration with the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. Island Christian Academy offered quality education through values-based teaching—encompassing the academic, spiritual, socio-emotional and physical facets of all our students. We educated and nurtured our students by instilling in them the courage to explore the unique and miraculous talents that God has given each of them.

Island Christian Academy was an Accredited Member of the Council of International Schools and an International Primary Curriculum Accredited School.

A Farewell Message from Terri Appel, Executive Director, Generations Christian Education

Dear Island Christian Academy community,
As this school year draws to a close, so too does this chapter of Generations Christian Education’s participation in the life of the 70 Bridges Street campus. I would like to take this one last opportunity to invite our community to reflect with thankfulness on these ten years of Island Christian Academy.

In August 2012, Island Christian Academy (IslandCA) opened its doors at 70 Bridges Street. This was the culmination of a long-held dream of the Small World Christian Kindergarten community: to establish a primary school on Hong Kong Island, founded on the same vision, mission, and values as the kindergarten. In April 2011, Generations presented a detailed proposal for the establishment of IslandCA to the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, in a competitive process for the use of their vacant 70 Bridges Street building. After being selected as the successful bid, Generations entered into a ten-year agreement with CYMCAHK in July 2012 in a mutual spirit of Christian collaboration. Our commitment for IslandCA would be to continue to provide the international, Christian, whole-child model of education which we had demonstrated since 1986 at Small World Christian Kindergarten, and since 2010 at Norwegian International School.

Through the blessing of our Father God and the dedication, love, and hard work of an incredible community of families, teachers, support staff, and most importantly, our students, I believe that we have fulfilled this commitment over the past ten years. I personally have fond memories of so many of these wonderful people, both from my time in helping to establish the school as Generations’ Director of Business Development, and from these past two years as Executive Director. I am so thankful for each person who has walked through the doors of 70 Bridges Street since 2012, and I pray that each one would continue to be blessed by their memories of their time at Island Christian Academy.

As Generations completes our term of involvement with the 70 Bridges Street campus, we offer our sincere prayers for the future flourishing of all who will be educated there in the next ten years and beyond.

With Blessings,

Terri Appel
Executive Director
Generations Christian Education


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