Kindergarten Teacher (Part-time)

This Role:

Job Purpose
To provide a high quality teaching and learning environment based upon Biblical
World view principles that facilitates whole child development where teachers seek by
personal example, to inspire students in Christian faith and living in the school

Responsible To
The Kindergarten Teacher reports directly to the Principal of Small World Christian
Kindergarten (or his/her delegate) who reports directly to the Executive Director of
Generations Christian Education.

Key Duties
To ensure that the program of education at Kindergarten:

  • Builds solid foundations of God’s love through a Biblical world view curriculum
    that enables students to follow Jesus Christ and know His word.
  • Is in accordance with the requirements of the Education Bureau in Hong Kong
    and other relevant government departments.
  • Promotes equality as an integral part of the role and to treat everyone with
    fairness and dignity.

Planning & Teaching:

  • To enable children to make excellent progress in literacy and maths, providing
    a solid foundation for all aspects of education.
  • To plan opportunities to develop the social, emotional and cultural aspects of
    pupils’ learning.
  • To create and manage a caring, engaging, purposeful and stimulating
    environment which is conducive to children’s learning, and which is regularly
    reviewed and continually developed.
  • To ensure that Generations and school policies are reflected in daily practice.
  • To plan and prepare lessons in order to deliver the International Curriculum,
    ensuring breadth and balance in all subjects; introducing best practices, high
    quality resources and enriching school programs
  • To stay up to date with changes and developments in the structure of the
  • To identify clear teaching objectives and learning outcomes, with appropriate
    challenge and high expectations.
  • To organise and manage groups or individual pupils ensuring differentiation of
    learning needs, reflecting all abilities.
  • To challenge all children to perform to their full potential, especially those with
    particular Gifts and Talents.
  • To work to remove barriers to underachievement for all pupils, particularly
    those with Special Educational Needs.
  • To liaise with outside agencies when appropriate eg.SENCo, Educational
  • To ensure effective use of support staff within the classroom, including parent
  • To maintain behaviour of a high standard following Generations Christian
    Education policy, safeguarding children’s health and safety.

Assessment & Reporting:

  • To maintain a regular system of monitoring, assessment, record-keeping and
    reporting of children’s progress.
  • To carry out regular reporting and reflective analysis of student progress and
    achievement, and report to the Principal.
  • To prepare appropriate records for the transfer of pupils.
  • To mark work to facilitate positive pupil development.
  • To deliver effective communication to parents and stakeholders on school
    programs, student achievements, placements and behaviour.


  • To stimulate, foster and enhance a sense of community amongst staff, parents
    and students that encourages them to support the Vision and Mission of the
  • To promote high quality relationships with all stakeholders.
  • To build up community relations and school collaboration.

Extra-Curricular Duties:

  • To take part in school events and activities which may take place at
    weekends or in the evening (within the reasonable request of school Principal)
  • To participate in staff meetings as required.
  • To supervise students during classes and at other times in the school day,
    including in the playground and dinner hall during breaks, at the direction of
    the Principal.
  • To assist and organise extra-curricular activities (e.g. school concerts and
  • To liaise with colleagues and work flexibly, particularly in smaller schools (this
    might include covering staff sickness by taking responsibility for a “class-split”)

Strategic Plan:

  • To implement and support curriculum development as identified in the School
    Improvement Plan, and as directed by the Principal.
  • To be part of a whole school team, actively involved in decision-making on
    the preparation and development of policies and programmes of study,
    teaching materials, resources, methods of teaching and pastoral
  • To support the Principal in promoting the ethos of the school.


  • Administer and implement the policies of Generations Christian Education.
  • Maintain appropriate documentation for the performance, evaluation and
    management of all students in your class.
  • To continue professional development, maintaining a portfolio of training

Risk Management:

  • To promote the welfare of children and to support the school in safeguarding
    children though relevant policies and procedures.
  • To ensure trips are safe, educational and fun, liaising with the Principal as
  • To ensure all children and staff are safe and secure, informing the Principal of
    any issues.
  • To recognise health and safety is a responsibility of every employee, to take
    reasonable care of self and others and to comply with the Schools Health and
    Safety policy, laws of Hong Kong and any school-specific procedures / rules
    that apply to this role.


  • Other related duties as requested by the Principal or their delegate.