Job Description – Accountant

Position Objective

To always in an attitude of fun, effectively deliver efficient accounting, debtor, creditor processes, payroll services and administration functions of the Business Services Office to support the effective day to day running of the organisation.

Reporting To

The position holder reports directly to the Business Manager, and is responsible to the Executive Director.

Key Responsibility Areas

The duties relative to this position include:


    • Using the schools’ general ledger system, prepare and complete in a timely manner bank and key ledger account reconciliations.
    • Provide monthly Finance, Human Resource and Enrolment reporting in a timely manner.
    • Other ad-hoc or recurring accounting services as required

Debtor Processing

    • Record, issue and maintain all School debtor accounts for areas such as tuition fees, levies & miscellaneous charges
    • Manage Autopay fee collection transactions at required intervals
    • Respond to debtor enquiries from parents and attend to fee adjustments on the Schools’ Debtor/Student Administration System.
    • Perform regular and periodical debtor reconciliations.
    • Issue reminders to overdue debtors referring problem cases to the Business Manager.
    • Maintain an appropriate and accurate filing system of documentation

Accounts Payable

    • Collate and match purchase order forms and corresponding invoices.
    • Ensure the validity of the above documentation.
    • Coordinate data entry to the Accounts Payable Module of the Finance Software Package
    • Reconcile cheque payments in a correct and timely manner.
    • Monitor Schools Petty Cash Systems and monthly reconciliations
    • Maintain an appropriate and accurate filing system of documentation


    • Support the Human Resources Manager with payroll processing and reporting
    • Other Human Resource support as required


    • Deliver the timely construction and reconciliation of completed Lead Schedules with the organisation’s final trial balances for the schools’ external audit.


    • Where appropriate provide training to users of the schools’ administration software/systems.
    • Provide general team support to the Business Services Office when needed /required.
    • Assist with the organisation, setting up and conducting school functions if required.
    • Assist with administration functions of the Business Services office on an ad-hoc basis.

Organisational Relationships

Internal Liaisons:       Executive Director, Principals, Business Manager, Directors,  Managers, school teaching and non-teaching staff, the Schools’ Parents’ Associations, parents, school community members.

External Liaisons:      Schools’ Auditor, Schools’ Bankers, Government Departments and Agencies, school community members.

Accountability & Extent of Authority

The position holder must ensure that they operate in accordance with the specific objectives and strategies determined for the effective management and use of the Schools’ resources whilst ensuring that decisions made by the position holder are subject to review by the Business Manager.

Judgement & Decision Making

The position holder is required to carry out their work in accordance with the methods, procedures and processes which have previously been developed and should always be looking to develop methods and techniques which will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the schools’ financial systems.

Skills, Knowledge & Selection Criteria

The skills and knowledge required to perform the duties of the position include as follows:

  • A decisive understanding of Window’s based financial and administration software packages.
  • A thorough and diverse knowledge of various computer software programs, including Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • The ability to readily acquire knowledge and understanding of School specific functions, policies and procedures.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, being able to positively interact with all members of the Organisation’s communities including external individuals/agents who work with the School.
  • An ability to gain cooperation and assistance from schools’ teaching and non-teaching staff in order to achieve desirable objectives for the financial management of the schools.
  • Well-developed communication skills, particularly in respect to interviews, telephone discussions, e-mails, report and letter writing.


The qualifications and experience required for the position include:

  • A Diploma or higher qualification of book-keeping/Financial Studies (or appropriate experience in operating and maintaining computerised accounting systems and office procedures)
  • Well-developed computer skills in the areas of computerised accounting systems, spreadsheets and other associated computer software.

Management Skills

The required management skills include:

  • Managing time, setting priorities, planning and organising one’s work together with contributing to the priorities determined by management over the Business Services operations of the group.

Conditions of Employment

The conditions of employment for this position include:

  • per individual contract


Issue Date:  October 2012