A Case for Christian Education

Our philosophy at Generations Christian Education is to nurture the whole child as a unique and loved person. A Christian education system has the permission to address the whole child—intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual—and is thereby given the best opportunity to nurture that child to success in every aspect of their lives. A core part of our philosophy depends upon the parents and families of the children, as they are the child’s primary resource for education.

The basis for Christian Education is Christ himself. As stated in our core values, our actions and words are Christ-centered; embodying his mission and ministry. Through constant messages of love, grace and truth, we also trust that through him we can inspire and transform those we educate to seek excellence. Some of the core components that Christian education offers are: Trust, Partnership, Courage, Recognition, Excellence, Personal responsibility.

The need to bundle all of these elements into a primary curriculum is addressed in the Biblical Worldview Curriculum that we use currently in our schools. Through it, we are able to weave biblically-based intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual learning pillars, upon an inquiry-based core international curriculum, the International Primary Curriculum.


  • Trust of the child that their teacher and parents will accept and encourage them for who they are, not for what they can do;
  • Partnership with parents to ensure we are fully engaged for the best outcomes for the child and his/her education;
  • Courage to take action and the tenacity to try and try again in a safe and nurturing environment, because we have a God of numerous opportunities, abundant in grace and forgiveness;
  • Recognition of the unique talents and traits of each individual child as being gifts of, and gifted by, God for a distinct purpose;
  • Excellence not driven by the world’s measurement but by the desire to respond to God’s love through trying the best we can with the gifts he has given each us;
  • Service within the community to model the ministry and mission of Christ, considering humble service a necessity for everyone at any age; and,
  • Personal responsibility for all the choices that the child makes, fostering an understanding that every choice has a consequence and each must be measured in accordance to a firm foundation of truth and possible outcomes.