Systems Engineer

This Role:

Job Purpose
The role of the Systems Engineer is to be responsible for effective provisioning, installation/ configuration,
operation, and maintenance of systems hardware and software and related infrastructure.

The guiding principles for this role are focused on growing our digital strategy and supporting the
maintenance and development of key IT systems, hardware and infrastructure. The SE(IT) plays an
integral role in our day-to-day operations by:

● Supporting and advancing the mission, vision, and strategic plan of the school with special regard
to IT provision and operation.
● Supporting the day-to-day operation by the monitoring of all IslandCA IT Systems ensuring
prompt reporting and action to address issues when they arise.
● Supporting the deployment of devices and cloud-based technology to ensure smooth operation
by admin, teaching and learning divisions of school.

Responsible To:
The SE(IT) reports to the Digital Learning Leader who reports directly to the Principal.
Job Skills and Requirements:
● Problem solving mindset and skills
● Friendly, helpful and positive communication skills
● Ability to work efficiently and collaboratively
● 5 years of relevant experience (School based experience a distinct advantage)
● Relevant IT degree

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
Technical ICT Roles
● Perform network administration, configuration, monitoring as well as support for information
systems in use at the school.
● Provide operational support and advice for teaching and support staff
● Assist the Digital Learning Leader in various system projects
● Support the Digital Learning Leader to plan and manage the ICT budget
● Help install new software and hardware. (Requires familiarity with Google Device management
and eSchoolPad MDM which can be provided if required.)
● Secure, security code and ensure the safe set up of new equipment.
● Set up equipment such as laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, classroom A/V displays, peripherals and
other specialist ICT equipment, ensuring that systems are ready for use and operating correctly.
● Help deliver hardware and resources to work areas and classrooms as required and document for
auditing purposes.
● Implementation and operation of remote monitoring systems and endpoint security

Configuration & Installation
● Assist in creating a structured approach to rolling out new hardware or software, including
procurement, testing Server & Network Support
● Creation and Management of Desktop and Netbook Images
● Assist in the management and deployment of cloud-based technology to support admin,
teaching and learning

● Develop a maintenance schedule for all computer hardware, software and networks, and ensure
that it is followed. (imaging/MDM etc.)
● Support the implementation of MIS solutions as required.
● Detect, diagnose and resolve most PC and peripheral device faults.
● Report on compliance to school policy on staff and pupil access to data and files.
● Assist in planning and implementing changes to elements of the ICT service as required.
● Ensure the safe disposal of obsolete equipment, used consumables and waste materials in line
with recognised procedures and legal requirements.

Administration and Supervision
● Maintain an up-to-date inventory of school-owned devices and network equipment,
● Be responsible for the monitoring of the Wireless LAN thru Cisco Network Assistant (CNA) and
Wireless Control System (WCS, WLC) also Network infrastructure Monitoring systems for
purposes of ensuring continuity.
● Ensuring the security and integrity of all IslandCA data
● Liaise with third-party vendors/suppliers as appropriate to ensure continuity.
● Order new equipment and resources as required by the DLL and maintain and share with relevant
staff an accurate asset register
● Keeping up to date with new technology and advising DLL as appropriate
● To attend relevant training and National IT Exhibitions
● Ensuring adequate stocks of peripheral IT equipment

Leading by example
● To lead by example in all matters of self-conduct.
● To maintain a positive attitude and moral conduct.
● To contribute to a collaborative culture, focused on a service mindset
● To support the school’s Christian values

● To perform ad hoc duties as assigned by the DLL, Principal or delegate.