School Nurse

This Role:

Job Purpose

The School Nurse supports students’ health and well-being in order for students to fully engage in an active and healthy school life.


The position holder reports directly to the Vice Principal, Pastoral Care (or his/her delegate).

Key Duties


Provision of medical care to students and staff on a daily basis

  • To provide professional, immediate and appropriate medical support to students, staff, parents, visitors, etc.
  • To respond to the needs of students reporting sick, prioritise and deal with them as appropriate, including carrying out appropriate First Aid treatment and notifying parents.
  • To arrange for students to be sent home / hospital and contact parents.
  • To perform necessary health checks to assist with diagnosis.
  • To determine the impact of students’ contagious illnesses and prevent the spread of communicable diseases in the school setting.
  • To assist students in accessing health care.
  • To provide school staff with current information about students’ health concerens and care on a confidential need-to-know basis.
  • To regulary update medical data into Hero, the school’s data base.
  • To prepare emergency kits for student camps, excursions, trips, etc.
  • To give advice on health and hygiene management for the school and
  • To monitor students’ monthly attendance patterns.

Sick room daily management

  • To maintain clean and sanitary condition in the sick room.
  • To maintain records of all visits to the sick room and report as appropriate.
  • To maintain adequate inventory of all medical supplies in the sick room, class rooms, staff rooms, common rooms, etc.
  • To be responsible for Injury/Accident/Illness and Insurance form completion.
  • To supervise students taking daily medication on campus.

Provide health training to students and staff

  • To provide first aid training to staff.
  • To provide needed health education to students, staff or parents.
  • To identify resources and information about services in the community and providing these services to students, parents and staff.

Coordinate immunisation programme

  • To liaise with local health authorities in the organisation of immunisation programmes.

Health and Safety

  • To work closely with the Health & Safety Officer to ensure the timely completion of accident reports aligning with the school policy.
  • To monitor daily air pollution index and ensure high risk students are monitored for possible health risks.


  • To undertake any other duties as required.

Organisational Relationships:

  • Internal Liaisons:    Generations Senior Leadership Team, Marketing Communications Manager, Principal, Vice Principals, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, operational support staff, students, parents, school community members.
  • External Liaisons:    Other schools, broader community members.