Principal (starting school year 2023-24)

This Role:

Are you interested in a career that combines your calling as an educator and your desire to serve God among the generations? If this is something you are thinking about, then consider applying for this senior leadership role with Generations Christian Education who is recruiting for a School Principal at the Norwegian International School. 

The Principal provides effective, dynamic and inspirational leadership in order that every child is able to reach their full God given potential at Generations Christian Education (Generations). At Norwegian International School (NIS) the principal’s leadership stretches across two campuses and encompasses both early and primary years education.

The Principal, as part of the Generations family of schools, serves in supporting the implementation of its vision, mission and values for Christian Education and is part of the Generations Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

The primary responsibilities of the Principal are:

  • To lead and manage the school, across two campuses, in accordance with Generations’ Vision, Mission and Values
  • To provide the best possible learning environment where children achieve their potential as life-long learners starting
  • To promote and safeguard the welfare of the children
  • To inspire and motivate our outstanding staff teams – teaching, administrative, support and volunteers
  • To be a valuable and positive team player
  • To collaborate with Generations’ Senior Leadership team to meet organizational strategic goals in school development, providing necessary school perspectives, exploration of school-based opportunities, thinking creatively and purposefully to problem-solve and achieve long-term strategic vision.

Line management is provided by the Executive Director, and functions through regular meetings, Senior Leadership Team meetings and monthly written reports.


Key Duties


To ensure that the program of learning at the school:

  • Builds solid foundations of God’s love through a Biblical world view curriculum that enables students to follow Jesus Christ and know His word.
  • Enables children to make excellent progress in all aspects of the curriculum.
  • Secures high quality learning in all aspects of the curriculum, leading in design, implementation and delivery.
  • Has a broad, engaging, exciting and fun curriculum, which is regularly reviewed and continually developed.
  • Introduces best practices, high quality resources and enriching school programmes and classroom environments that are monitored, evaluated and constantly upgraded, allowing for outstanding levels of learning and teaching.
  • Is implemented through highly qualified teaching staff who develop, coordinate, implement and evaluate effective teaching and learning
  • Ensures a consistent and continuous school-wide student assessment and achievement evaluation using appropriate data and benchmarks to track and evaluate individual student progress.
  • Maintains high standards of behaviour following Generations Christian Education policies.
  • Secures a caring and supportive environment for all students; challenging and providing remediation for under-performance.
  • Works to remove barriers to underachievement for all students, particularly those requiring Learning Support Service.
  • Challenges all students to perform to their full potential, especially those with particular Gifts and Talents.
  • Providing nurturing and attentive pastoral care for all students
  • Includes regular reporting and reflective analysis of student progress and achievement to the Executive Director and Director of Learning.
  • Delivers effective communication to parents and stakeholders on school programmes, student achievements, placements and behaviour.
  • Satisfies the requirements of the Education Bureau of Hong Kong SAR.


  • Recruit and retain; develop; motivate; and, lead high quality staff to achieve their highest professional standards in line with Generations policies.
  • Ensure appropriate care and encouragement of staff, reporting on challenging personnel issues as appropriate.
  • Implement and maintain an effective annual performance management process for all school staff.
  • Effective promotion of professional development and academic growth of staff through systematic continued development programmes.
  • Build a collaborative learning environment across Generations Schools and learning agencies to build effective learning communities.
  • Delegate to Learning Area leaders, Department Heads, Learning Support Teacher (LST) or Learning Support Coordinator (LSCo), budget holders and specialist staff in a way that promotes their development, enables them to perform to their full potential, holds them accountable and supports them fully as good team players.

Strategic Plan:

  • To assist the Executive Director on behalf of the Board in implementing the School’s Strategic Development Plan.
  • To regularly review school performance and improve outcomes through the design and ongoing implementation of a School Development Plan (SDP), which details time-lines and budgeted outcomes and School Improvement Plan (SIP).
  • Report to the Executive Director on the effectiveness of all aspects of the School’s performance, including SDP and SIP.
  • Be active in both the development and promotion of the Generations’ vision to our stakeholders.


  • Stimulate, foster and enhance a sense of community amongst staff, parents and students that encourages them to support the Vision, Mission and Values of the School through excellent interpersonal skills, accepting and providing appropriate advice.
  • Consistently use and develop information systems, in conjunction with Generations, to ensure exemplary communication links to promote high quality relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Manage the school in a way which promotes it as a high quality School to both current and potential students and their families.
  • Build community relationships and School collaboration.
  • Ensure representation and support from the School at all Parent-Teacher Association meetings.
  • Investigate, develop and coordinate suitable courses which support school families.
  • Liaise with the Senior Leadership Team on stakeholder relationships, trends in student numbers, local population and contacts with external agencies.
  • Coordinate with respective kindergartens/pre-primary and secondary schools to ensure smooth student transitions.


  • Administer and implement all Generations’ policies.
  • Manage the day-to-day administrative and operation needs of the School, in conjunction with Generations, including enrolment; staff management; health and safety of staff and students; and, property and maintenance of facilities.
  • Maintain appropriate documentation for the performance, evaluation and management of all staff and students.
  • Work with the Chief Operating Officer to develop and manage the School’s budget.
  • Annual submission of accurate financial modelling scenarios to the Executive Director and/or her delegate.
  • Work with the Chief Operating Officer to ensure that the School complies with the requirements of Hong Kong Education Bureau and other government agencies.
  • Ensure the school satisfies its obligations under the Generations Support Services Agreement.


  • In conjunction with the Marketing and Admissions Office, develop and implement effective marketing strategies to promote and develop enrolment demand along with the retention of existing students.
  • To encourage School community stakeholders to be passionate advocates of the School and actively promote it to others.

Risk Management:

  • Effectively manage the school’s operational risks, in conjunction with Generations, to an acceptable level, including a regular regimen of inspection and maintenance of School property and buildings.
  • Ensure all students and staff are acceptably safe and secure.
  • Ensure all students are registered; fees are appropriately paid/settled.
  • Alert the Executive Director/Senior Leadership Team of any material issues that arise and how they are being handled.

Senior Management Duties:

  • Assist the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer in the development of the organisation, offering advice and support in all areas.
  • Attend relevant meetings as required e.g. Board meetings, Senior Leadership Team meetings, sub-committee meetings, senior staff meetings.
  • Promote the ethos and message of Generations Christian Education.


  • Perform other duties as directed by the Executive Director
  • Ensure that the all aspects of school administration and operations adhere to the Operational Policy and Procedures Manual, the Employee Handbook and specific regulatory guidelines as are distributed by HK Government from time to time.


Our ideal candidate will:

  • Have a Master’s Degree in Education
  • Have 5+ years of school leadership experience and at least 2+ years international school work experience
  • Have experience leading schools through the process of accreditation with external bodies, particularly The Council of International Schools


Our candidate will:

  • Be internationally minded to lead and manage the school in accordance with Generations’ Vision, Mission and Values
  • Be passionate about Christian education and excited to shape the lives of future generations
  • Be enthusiastic about pioneering a new school, including establishing a vibrant campus, building up a strong staff team, and promoting the school in public and to prospective families
  • Be a proficient and positive team player
  • Be able to provide pastoral care for students and staff
  • Be excited to participate in a diverse and international community