Office Manager (Primary School)

This Role:

Job Purpose

To ensure a high standard of support to the School in the areas of office management, health and safety, accounting, supervision of custodians and support to the Principal.


Responsible To

Principal who reports to the Executive Director of Generations Christian Education.


Key Responsibilities

Office Management

  • Take delegated responsibility in the supervision and management of administrative staff, (including volunteers) to among other things
  • Keep the office organised and paperwork/data filed properly according to the OPPM and relevant data privacy laws
  • Provide a good role model of effective behaviour to visitors, staff and students; leading by example
  • Participate in conducting school tours for prospective families
  • Provide appropriate care to unwell children, including first aid
  • Provide administrative support for all school activities when required
  • Work with the Principal to ensure the weekly newsletter is distributed to parents on a timely basis
  • Arrange tenders from contractors for school capital projects with the assistance and guidance from Generations Christian Education
  • Work with contractors and workers on project schedules and monitor progress until completion
  • Arrange repairs and maintenance for the school (e.g. drainage system, faucet, slope maintenance, trees maintenance, etc.)
  • Manage and arrange supply staff during staff sick leave or other absences
  • Onboarding new staff and overseeing procedures for exiting staff
  • Coordinating staff professional development and travel arrangements as necessary
  • Provide regular report and updates to Generations Christian Education COO on the school renovation projects and/or repairs and maintenance work done
  • Arrange repairs and maintenance services for office equipment and appliances in the pantry (e.g. copier, laminator, fridge, microwave)
  • Assist Generations and NIS to ensure the proper implementation of existing systems and new initiatives across the School; and continuously recommend workflow and system improvements
  • Assist Generations Finance and HR & Administration in other administrative tasks as required in a timely manner
  • Submit the Finance documents relating to accounts payable and accounts receivable to Generations Christian Education to Finance and Administration Office in a timely manner
  • Provide support to Generations Christian Education and the school in administrative matters as required
  • Liaise and communicate with the Kindergarten campus
  • Keep up-to-date with circulars (such as EDB and CHP)
  • Assist staff in preparing excursions (such as notifying the Tai Po Police and booking buses)
  • Liaise with the school uniform company regarding stock, supply, material, contracts, etc.
  • Plan, organize and prepare for school special events (such as designing layout, arranging equipment, vendors, and ensuring safety)

Accounts Payable

  • Review the accuracy of purchase order forms and corresponding invoices before payment processing
  • Ensure the validity of the above documentation
  • Review and ensure accuracy of the record information on the Accounts Payable Module of the Finance Software Package
  • Monitor the accounts payable cycle
  • Monitor cheque payments in an accurate and timely manner
  • Ensure issued cheques and account codes are accurate before presenting them to be authorised by the Principal
  • Oversee cash handling procedures within the school

Executive Assistant to the Principal

  • Always maintain a high level of confidentiality
  • Carry out all secretarial duties for the Principal
  • Assist the Principal on staff recruitment, interview arrangements and other related administrative tasks
  • Ensure that there is effective communication through the school and its community; compiling minutes for meetings when required
  • Work and support Generations Christian Education in managing the collection, and submission of statistical and statutory returns (e.g. Government department reports/questionnaires)

Health and Safety

  • Manage the Health, Safety and Welfare of staff and other persons at the school as directed by the Principal
  • Ensure the Emergency Evacuation Map, accident procedure and first aid trained staff list are updated and displayed in each classroom and common area
  • Ensure suitable and sufficient first aid resources are available throughout the School’s opening hours, organise training and maintaining records of first aid supplies
  • Arrange, in conjunction with the Principal, regular health and safety audits and inspections
  • Investigate safety matters raised by staff or students and to take any necessary action
  • Ensure the statutory display of information (e.g. Employee Compensation Certificate)
  • Ensure the Certificate of Fire Services, Installation and Equipment is valid and the CCTV is maintained, completing the annual check-up with the designated contractors
  • Be available to any member of staff to discuss and to seek to resolve health and safety problems
  • Ensure that the circumstances of accidents are properly reported, examined and recorded and that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent or reduce the likelihood of a recurrence
  • Ensure that all occupants and visitors, including those who will be undertaking work on the premises are made aware of any hazards on site and of when and where such work activities may affect the ordinary operations of the school
  • Encourage active participation by staff in improving health and safety
  • Keep up to date with the latest legislation and guidance within the areas of the role
  • Take appropriate action to ensure removal or reduction of hazards and risks
  • Take note of health and safety bulletins, instructions etc. issued, ensuring that where required these are distributed. Maintaining a file of all such material that is readily accessible to all staff
  • Keep up-to-date with Covid-19 and other communicable diseases information and dispense to community and staff as needed, and support staff and families with questions regarding health and safety
  • Complete monthly, termly and annual checklists for health and safety
  • Work with related people and government departments to complete tree assessments, annual grass pruning amongst other areas; and ensure all necessary safety and compliance certifications are current and prominently displayed in a timely manner.

Child Protection

  • Securely keep child protection and safeguarding records according to policies and procedures; and relevant laws, including but not limited to data privacy
  • Report on child protection issues
  • Keep up-to-date with child protection protocols and share with staff and community
  • Organise professional development for staff related to child protection and safeguarding
  • Provide support and follow-up to staff and families in child protection cases
  • Offer assistance to families such as contacts to social workers and counselors
  • Liaise with necessary staff to support the child and family
  • Keep a high level of confidentiality regarding past and present cases
  • Regularly monitor and review the child protection policies and procedures

Supervision of Custodians

  • Overall responsibility for the practical organisation and operations of the School’s day to day cleaning requirements
  • Liaise with the Principal and review the monthly school calendar to identify regular and one-off school events
  • Check on a daily basis that all areas of the school are cleaned to a satisfactory level
  • To organise appropriate training for all cleaning staff

Ad-hoc projects

  • Perform any other tasks or ad-hoc projects as assigned by the Principal


Organisational Relationships

Internal Liaisons:   Executive Director, Principal, Directors, School teaching and non-teaching staff, the Schools’ Parents’ Association, Parents, Students and Custodians

External Liaisons:  Government Departments and Agencies, New and Interested Parents, Students, Vendors and other schools


Accountability & Extent of Authority

The position holder must ensure that they operate in accordance with the specific objectives and strategies determined for the effective management of the Schools’ resources and ensure that decisions made by the position holder are subject to review by the Principal.