Mandarin Teacher (Kindergarten)

This Role:

Position Objective

To prepare younger children for formal education in a high quality teaching and learning environment based upon Biblical World View principles that facilitate whole child development.



The Mandarin Teacher will be responsible for the development, teaching and implementation of a Mandarin language learning program for all Kindergarten students (excluding the LEAP class) in a manner that is complimentary to the existing school curriculum.


Reporting Line

The position holder reports directly to the Principal (or his/her delegate) who reports directly to the Executive Director of Generations Christian Education.



A. The Mandarin teacher will:

  • be responsible for the progressive learning of Mandarin by students throughout each of their Kindergarten
  • teach the Mandarin program face-to-face within allocated transition times across all classes using methods such as songs, games, finger plays and rhymes in a way that children enjoy this early exposure to a new language.
  • teach two (2) x twenty (20) minute sessions per week for each of the AM & PM classes (excluding the LEAP class).
  • in other times and without disruption to the co-teachers’ program, come alongside the children during their class project times and engage in Mandarin interactions with each of the students at their appropriate level.
  • use approximately 15% of the working week to develop, document and refine a Mandarin language teaching program which complements the existing school curriculum.
  • develop appropriate class lesson plans for the review and approval of the Principal or his/her delegate.
  • regularly meet with the Principal or his/her delegate.
  • work in conjunction with Age Band leaders and classroom teachers identifying ideas and resources to compliment the Mandarin program.
  • treat the children with dignity and respect, maintaining appropriate discipline with children according to the values of the school.
  • ensure the children are safe at all times in the classroom.
  • maintain a professional attitude and uphold the values of the school.
  • direct any parent’s questions to the teacher of the respective class or the Principal or his/her delegate.
  • discuss any concerns about a child with the classroom teacher.
  • participate and engage in a personal professional development plan and performance appraisal.

B. Other duties as necessary and related.


Organisational Relationships

A. Internal Liaisons: Executive Director, Principal, Directors, Officers, School teaching and non-teaching staff, the Schools’ Parents’ Association, Parents, Students and Custodians

B. External Liaisons: New and interested Students and Parents, Vendors, Guests


Accountability & Extent of Authority

The position holder must ensure that he/she operates in accordance with the specific objectives and strategies determined for the effective management of Generations and its Schools’ resources and that decisions made by the position holder are subject to review by the Chief Operating Officer or his/her delegate.



A. Experiences, Skills and Knowledge

  • At least 2 years of relevant full-time teaching experience as a qualified teacher
  • Native Mandarin speaker preferred
  • Passionate to work with students
  • Possess highly effective communication skills
  • A team player with confidence, flexibility and resilience
  • A Registered Teacher

B. Qualification

  • Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Education, or Post Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Education or above