Learning Assistant (Mandarin)

This Role:

Job Purpose

The Learning Assistant serves the School supporting the implementation of its vision for Christian Education by assisting Mandarin teachers in class.

Performance Management will be provided by a member of the leadership team and functions through regular meetings, the annual Performance Management cycle and Learning Assistant meetings.


The Learning Assistant reports to  Mandarin teacher (or delegate) who reports directly to the Principal of the School who then reports directly to the Executive Director of Generations Christian Education.


Key Duties & Responsibilities

Classroom and Support:

  • To provide general instructional support to students in the Mandarin lesson so that daily lesson objectives are reached in the classroom.
  • To provide assistance to help students to reinforce targeted Mandarin lesson skills on a one‐to‐one basis or in small or large groups of students.
  • To work under the direction of Mandarin teachers and be available to provide targeted support to students.
  • To assist Mandarin teachers in the preparation of resources and the classroom.
  • To provide assessment information on children’s achievements in tasks they have been supporting with.
  • To provide clerical support to the Mandarin teachers.
  • To assist teachers in implementing strategies and activities to support and maximize each student’s ability to learn.
  • To help teachers with various duties of classroom management such as supervising students during class time.
  • To take on ad hoc tasks as directed by the Principal.


  • To be a positive representative in the community that encourages them to support the Vision and Mission of the school.


  • To ensure that classroom administrative duties are carried out promptly and thoroughly such as distribution of letters and information to parents, collection and processing of moneys and forms, submission of internal forms.
  • To provide ad‐hoc administration support to the school office if required.

Risk Management:

  • To monitor students and the environment for safety and security. Identifying areas of risk and working with the Principal and other staff to improve safety and security for all people and property.

Ad-hoc Projects

  • To perform ad-hoc projects as assigned by the Principal.

Organisational Relationships

  • Internal Liaisons: Executive Director, Principal, Directors, Officers, School teaching and non-teaching staff, the Schools’ Parents’ Association, Parents, Students and Custodians
  • External Liaisons: New and interested Students and Parents, Vendors, Guests


  • DSE level or above with Higher Diploma/Diploma in Education
  • Experience in EYFS is an advantage
  • At least 1 years relevant full-time experience
  • Passionate to work with students
  • Possess highly effective English communication skills
  • A team player with confidence, flexibility and resilience