Boundaries with Kids

Mrs. Gail, the Generations Christian Education (GCE) Executive Director, and Mrs. Tess, Small World Christian Kindergarten Principal, will run the popular “Boundaries with Kids” course. This is a very practical and helpful course for parents with children of all ages.
This series offers a goldmine of practical information for raising responsible, self-controlled and emotionally healthy children. It is for anyone who works with children of any age and will teach you how to:
    ⚬   Recognize the boundary issues underlying child behavior problems.
    ⚬   Set boundaries and establish consequences with kids.
    ⚬   Get out of the ‘nagging trap’ and help your child develop self-control.
    ⚬   Help your kids take responsibility for their actions, attitudes and emotions.
    ⚬   Teach your children skills they will need for healthy, fulfilling relationships in adult life.
Throughout the course you will view segments from a DVD and participate in group discussions. We will also include age appropriate strategies from Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson’s book entitled “The Whole-Brain Child” that helps foster healthy brain development, leading to calmer, happier children.
It is a wonderful time to learn together in a relaxed atmosphere!