Policy Overview

Generations Christian Education schools welcome all children and families regardless of race, creed, colour, gender or national origin.


  • To welcome new children into school and secure a smooth transition for them and their families.
  • To provide school places for children who will be able to access our international, English medium curriculum independently and successfully in the school’s environment.
  • To develop student bodies that are international, both in nationality in line with EDB guidelines, and in heart and outlook as we seek to develop a global people of Christian faith serving others, in line with Generations’ mission.
  • To develop school communities made of children and families who support the Generations vision and mission, and are committed to developing the values and personal goals.


Admission Criteria

Generations schools, as private, English medium international curriculum schools, practice a selective admissions process in which each student is assessed prior to being admitted to the school. Enrolment decisions are based upon expectations of meeting the needs of each student according to professional education standards and in order to provide an academic environment to best serve the interests of the student, school and community.

  • Applicants must be age appropriate for the year. The cut-off date is December 31st, and children will usually start K1 during the year in which they turn three (3) and Year 1 during the year they turn five (5).  
  • There must be space available in the year band assigned.
  • For Primary places, assessments will be performed to determine if applicants can perform with high proficiency in an English language teaching medium, and can meet behaviour and academic standards for their year level in a self-directed, independent manner.
  • For Kindergarten places, given the young age of applicants, academic skills are not assessed, but children will be expected to demonstrate age- and developmentally-appropriate behaviours, communication and adaptive skills.  
  • Families agree to embrace the school’s vision, mission, values and educational philosophy.


Admission Priority

Priority admission will be granted to those children, provided the applicant and family meet all set criteria and requirements, who are also in one or more of the following categories:

  • They have siblings attending the school.
  • They have siblings attending another Generations school (for a sufficient length of time, as determined by Generations).
  • They are children of staff or alumni of Generations schools.
  • Their family is from overseas, and seeks an international education for their children.


Admission Process


1.   Parents are encouraged to research the schools they are interested in thoroughly by visiting each school themselves; using the website; and any other published information.

2.  An application form and all required supporting documentation should be completed and returned to the school with the relevant application fee.

3.  Schools normally accept applications from September 1-October 31st, but shall retain the right to accept applications after such period, especially to accommodate families moving into Hong Kong during the school year.

4.  Applications will not be prioritised by date of receipt.

5.  If an applicant has had testing or received services for learning support, has health or physical concerns, needs any prescribed medication or has any other circumstances that may affect the applicant, their application must include relevant supporting documentation in order to assist the interview process.


1.  Children, for whom the school has received a full & complete application, may be invited for an interview.

2.  The content and format of the interviews will vary, depending on the year level for which the child(ren) are being evaluated.

3.  Schools will have a professional panel of interviewers, including teachers and school leadership, to make fair, consistent professional judgments on a child’s potential to succeed in the school, if accepted.

4.  At the time of the child’s interview, the parent/legal guardian will need to indicate their support for the Generations vision, mission, values and educational philosophy as it is a requirement for admission.

5.  A follow-up interview may be required, at no additional cost to parents, if particular issues need to be addressed.


Admissions Decisions

After a child is interviewed, offers will be sent out as soon as practical, normally within three weeks of the interview. To accept an offer and secure a child’s place, parents will need to sign and return the relevant enrolment acceptance forms and fees upon receipt of the offer letter.  

Children who are not offered a place in the initial round of offers may be placed in a waitpool. The order in which any offer is later made to a child who is in the waitpool is at the sole discretion of the school, based on the needs of the school.  Places in the waitpool for Primary schools are valid for one school year only.

If a child is not offered a place during the current school year, he/she is welcome to reapply for another academic year. Please note that such applicants would need to submit a new application and application fee.


Mid-Year Admissions

If there is space in a year level, new students may be accepted outside the mainstream admission process, throughout the year, at the discretion of the Principal.

The admission criteria and documentation shall be the same for ad hoc and mainstream admissions.  

Principals will place the new child into the most appropriate existing class in the year level (or composite class) to suit the new student’s needs, minimise disruption and maximise the teaching and learning environment, in the sole discretion of the school.