Christ Centred (JOHN 15:1)

That in all we do and say, we will embody the mission and ministry of Christ; who through the constant messages of love, grace and truth, inspired and transformed those around him to seek excellence.

Loving (1 COR 13:7)

That we will love each other deeply, being motivated to serve all people, and be mindful of their interests and concerns. Love comes from God. It is more than mere feeling, it is a determination to empathize with others and act for their good. It is self-sacrificing and unconditional.

Excellence (PHIL 4:8)

Through our collective actions and thoughts, we will strive for what is excellent. We will seek to do our best and try our hardest, not for self-promotion or praise, but that in our doing so we all reach and reflect the best standards (examples, models) to the world around us.

Community (ACTS 4:31-32)

We will reflect the essence of community, where acceptance and respect are our standards, in light of God’s love and truth. We will love and care for each other, tolerating our differences and guiding each other towards all truth, being mindful that God first loved each of us and desires us to be in relationship.

Service (EPH 6:7)

As true leaders we will serve, beginning with a self-denying acceptance of the call to serve others. Imitating Jesus, we will submit to God in faithful expectation, as he then equips us to use our talents and skills creatively to serve others.

Hope (LAM 3:25)

We will demonstrate that our hope is in God, he enables us to be courageous, assured and able to persevere. Hope is the end result of displaying perseverance. Confidence in the future comes from a person, Jesus, the “living hope”.

Joy (NEH 8:10)

Joy is a deep sense of delight, largely unseen, which remains regardless of circumstances. It is based on our hope in Jesus Christ. (True joy in knowing Christ and his word stirs others to ask “why?”) The human imagination is best used to express our joy in response to God’s grace, our many undeserved blessings from heaven.