Support Resources

Child and Family Centre

The Child and family Centre provides comprehensive psychological services to children, teenagers and families in Hong Kong and South China. Working together with local Schools, Kindergartens, Physicians, Speech and Occupational Therapists and other professionals, the Child and Family Centre brings together a multidisciplinary approach to meet the needs of children and families. Services include parent education, behavioural consultation, psychological and educational testing, individual, group and family counselling and in-service training for schools and other community organizations.
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Cooperative Parenting Coordination

Cooperative Parenting Services provides ongoing educational and emotional counseling and support for parents and children. We offer practical services in parenting skills, as well as ongoing guidance for adults with children of any ages. Cooperative Parenting Services focuses on improving communication tools, parenting skills coaching and emotional well-being. We also offer support services for children experiencing the effects of divorce, as well as emotional and educational counseling and encouragement for parents and children.
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Creative Kids

Since its establishment in 1991, CreativeKids has ignited a creative spirit among children and parents. Characterized by comprehensive and age-appropriate art and design programs, CreativeKids has nurtured countless children and teenagers in developing fluent visual literacy and competent skills.
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Etal Asia

Etal offers the Fun FRIENDS™ and FRIENDS for Life™ Programs focused on developing emotional and social resilience in children. These comprehensive programs benefit all children, by helping them to cope with feelings of fear, worry, and depression by building resilience and self-esteem. Children will gain the emotional and social intelligence necessary to excel during their school years. The FRIENDS Program is a preventative tool that is beneficial to ALL children.
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Family Foundations

Family Foundations Ltd. offers courses that give both theoretical and practical tools for parenting children of all ages – tackling issues such as building healthy relationships, defining boundaries, engendering respect, communicating and expressing love. These courses help parents to be proactive in their approach and provide principles that can be applied throughout a child’s growing years.
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Family First Foundation

Family First Foundation (FFF) is a charitable organisation founded in 2001 by a group of concerned parents eager to revitalize society by strengthening its most basic unit: the family. We believe that in order to foster a society that is just and humane, the family must first be developed as a wellspring of human virtues. FFF organizes conferences, seminars, and family clubs; conducts workshops and training programs; produces and distributes audio-visual materials; and participates in speaking engagements. FFF is a subsidiary of East Asian Educational Association (EAEA) and an affiliated member of International Federation for Family Development (IFFD).
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Kids Gallery Creative Arts

Kids Gallery creates awareness of and arouses interest in the arts among children of all ages, and helps children to develop a solid foundation of creativity and arts appreciation, through a wide range of arts enrichment programmes.
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Multi-Sport Ltd has enjoyed an unparalleled reputation in Hong Kong as leaders and innovators in infant and junior Physical Education and sport for nearly a quarter of a centaury. Established in 1983 by an international team of Physical Education teachers, Physiotherapists, Sport Experts, and Child Psychologists, Multi-Sport is a sports organisation that caters to families living in Hong Kong in an innovative and dedicated way. Multisport’s motivated and qualified staff coach people of all ages in a number of specialised programmes, designed exclusively by Multi-Sport.
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