Educational Community

The Child Development Centre at Matilda

Established 35 years ago, the Child Development Centre at Matilda (CDC) is a non-profit charitable organization, partially subsidised by the Social Welfare Department. The Centre provides an early intervention programme for children with special needs from birth to six years of age, serving over 150 special needs children and their families throughout the year. The working language is English and the Centre takes in children of every nationality. The teaching ratio is 1 staff to every 3 children. The Centre was the first to integrate typical and special needs children into group sessions in Hong Kong. Centre services include baby clinic, toddler group, pre-school programs, sensory integration clinic, individual educational programs, play stimulation, and family support & counselling. The Centre is also a resource for all of Hong Kong providing parent counselling, consultancy, child development training, and also training for child care professionals.
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Growing Together

Growing Together was established in 1999 by a group of five charities providing services for non-Cantonese speaking individuals with special educational needs. Originally established to provide a fundraising and public awareness platform for these organizations and the services they provide, the charter has evolved and now includes a strong emphasis on advocacy for the rights of all persons with special needs in Hong Kong, including non-Cantonese speaking individuals. Advocacy focus areas include securing appropriate educational provisions, establishing an education continuum that enables all individuals to live independently and productively within the Hong Kong community and addressing and eliminating discrimination in the existing policies of the administration and the EDB.
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The Springboard Project Limited

Founded in 1994, the Springboard Project provides English-speaking special education services for children and young adults aged five and above. Our services cater to individuals with a variety of mild to moderate learning difficulties and special needs, including Down’s syndrome, autism and global developmental delays. Our mission is to nurture, educate and empower young people with special needs.
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Watchdog Early Education Center

Watchdog Early Education Centre is a charitable organization providing early intervention and education for Hong Kong’s developmentally delayed children between the ages of birth and six. Founded in 1983, Watchdog’s curriculum is centered on the assessment and monitoring of six key development areas in young children: fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, adaptive, social-communication and social. Watchdog runs separate programmes for both English and Cantonese speaking children and their families. We offer psychological assessment, specialist teaching both on an individual basis or small group setting, speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physio Therapy, and Music Therapy. These are all much-needed services that aim to maximize our children’s full potential and to prepare for mainstream opportunities.
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