Christian Community

Community Church Hong Kong

Community Church is an international and English speaking community of faith.We embrace ‘unity in diversity’, and seek to follow Christ’s words to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’. Our hope is that in being changed through worship and community, we can bring change into our world – especially our everyday ‘worlds’. Our desire is to love God and others through Jesus Christ with the Bible as our guide. We have ministries for children, youth, young adults, families and are particularly excited about our outreach opportunities to orphans, students, the elderly and the handicapped both here in Hong Kong and in mainland China.
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Island Evangelical Community Church

Island ECC is an English-speaking international church seeking to have maximum impact in Hong Kong through the life changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have no denominational ties, and are committed to maintaining doctrinal purity, while being culturally relevant.
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Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong is a Christian service organisation based in Hong Kong as part of the global YMCA movement. The Association is committed to building a civil and compassionate Hong Kong through uniting people with the same spirit to extend the Kingdom of God; fostering youth leadership to shoulder social responsibility with keen concern for China and the world; and promoting multiple service programmes based on holistic personal growth, commitment to the underprivileged and reconciliation extending from self to society.
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Methodist International Church

Methodist International Church is an interdenominational Christian church made up of people from all over the world, who are either living in or visiting Hong Kong. We seek to communicate biblical truths that are unchanging but in a way that is relevant for our people’s situation. And we aim to pass on a commitment to and an excitement about Jesus and what He is doing in our lives and community.
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Solomon’s Porch

Solomon’s Porch is an English speaking International ministry from 25 different nationalities with connections to an Indonesian ministry, Fe Be. Our vision is to be a Christ-like family that seeks after God’s heart, and transforms lives, communities and nations through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Our mission is to know him. To be like him. To make him known.
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Union Church Hong Kong

Union Church is an interdenominational church, established in Hong Kong since 1844 and our mission is "making mature followers in all nations for Jesus Christ through our united lifestyle, witness and mission". If you join us in any of our Worship Services or other activities, we hope that you will sense something of God’s presence and also something of the love and friendship of God’s people here.
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The Vine Chruch

The name ‘The Vine Church’ is derived from John 15: 5, where Jesus said ‘I am the Vine, you are the branches’. This passage encourages us to be Christ-centred and relationship-based and has been adopted as our signature verse. This is reflected in our logo, the bunch of grapes – 9 of them representing the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5 and our mission statement – ‘Building the Family of God’. The DNA of The Vine can be summarised in the following expressions of our life together: WORSHIP, BIBLICAL TEACHING, SPIRITUAL GIFTS, MINISTRY, LEADERSHIP. Two pictures best sum up the sort of church we believe God wants us to be: A LIGHTHOUSE // pointing people to Jesus, AN OASIS // a place for healing and refreshment.
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Watermark Community Church

Watermark Community Church, the daughter church of Island ECC, is an English-speaking international church seeking to impact Hong Kong in a powerful way through the life changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have no denominational ties, and are committed to maintaining doctrinal purity, while being culturally relevant.
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