August 21 2019

IslandCA accreditation!

Congratulations to Island Christian Academy for being the first school in Asia to go through accreditation with both the CoIS and IPC concurrently.

In 2016, IslandCA was the first Hong Kong school to be awarded International Primary Curriculum accreditation, and it has successfully renewed that accreditation for 2019-2024. Not only so, but it has also achieved accreditation with the Council of International Schools!

This achievement is the result of a rigorous evaluation against international standards in all aspects of the school — not just academic delivery, but also operational and financial management, planning and integrity, staff development and well-being, student well-being and global citizenship development, as well as governance and leadership structures.

We are delighted to celebrate this fantastic achievement as a testament to the IslandCA team’s dedication to our students, and look forward to continuing to grow and develop together with excellence and joy!