November 17 2016

Principal’s Message November 16, 2016

When you talk, do not say harmful things. But say what people need — words that will help others be-come stronger. Then what you say will help those who listen to you. — Ephesians 4:29

Parent-teacher conferences are happening this Friday, November 18. Most of our families have booked a time to meet with their classroom teacher. If you have not made an appointment, you can still log into the PTO system to reserve a time. The username and password have been emailed to you by the office.

Some students are anxious to have their parents talk to their teachers while others are confident and happy. It is important to let your child know you are interested in how they are doing in school and that you are there to support and help. Allow your child to share with you any strengths and struggles they are experiencing in class and this can always be something you discuss with the teacher when you go in.

Unlike the comic strip on the side, parent-teacher conferences are meant to encourage parents and the school to work collaboratively for the development of the child. This means that there is open communication, and NIS strongly believes that positive home-school relationships are vital to helping the child be successful.

During the conference, teachers will share about your child’s progress in their learning in the various subjects. Parents should come prepared with questions they may want to ask the teacher, and to prioritise which questions are most important so they are asked first in case time runs out. Although different areas of concern may be raised during the conference, remember to celebrate what your child is successfully doing in school and then be realistic with expectations for the areas of concern. It is important to know where your child’s struggles are before a solution can be mapped out. However, the focus during the conference should not be on the problem, but rather on the solution and how to move forward. Plan with the teacher on how to provide support at home and find out what the school is also doing to help. The teachers will offer suggestions, but parents know their child the best so it would be helpful to give insight on the child to help the teachers understand him or her more.

After the conference, speak with your child about what was discussed during the meeting. Encourage them with what they are doing well and let them know you are aware of the areas they are struggling with, and together talk about ways on how they can work on it. The teacher will keep in touch with you after the conference and this is a great opportunity to strengthen the parent-teacher partnership. It also shows the child that learning is a priority and there is consistency between what is happening at home and school.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday.