June 10 2016

Principal’s Message Vol.68 – June 2016

Dear IslandCA Community, 你好!

A week has passed since the accreditation team left our school. They had a great time at school, thoroughly enjoying being in the classrooms and talking to students. Our visitors had an action packed week. The team were particularly complimentary about the hospitality shown them by the school. In fact they said they received more hospitality at IslandCA than any other school they have visited.

The team were with students most of the time; they toured the school with the Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls, they attended the school assembly, observed classes in action, observed students in and around the school, talked with students during lessons as well as having meetings with milepost one, two and three students. The team said they were great students!

Our visitors had various meetings with staff and parents as well. Thank you very much to our parents who talked with them; they enjoyed chatting with you! They met with specialist teachers, some co-ordinators, and classroom teachers throughout the week. They talked with Joy and me at least twice a day and were complimentary about the amount of effort and hard work that has been put in to preparing for accreditation.
They studied the school’s self review and a wide range of school documents and also wrote a lot of notes. They are not permitted to tell us how successful we have been, but the next step for them is to take the paperwork back to the IPC Head Office where the documentation will be reviewed by another team of evaluators who will then make the final decision. This process usually takes 4—6 weeks. We pray that God will honour the work of our hands with great success. Now as staff we have to catch up on other school work in a very short period of time!

We look forward to seeing parents at the performance next week. Given that we have major productions every two years, the performance next week will not be on the same scale as ‘Topsy Turvy World’ at The Vine Centre, however, it will be a great culmination of work done in various Extra Curricular Activities and upper school Music Classes.

As you know this is the first year that we have had year 6 students. We will be honouring them next week and the week after as they finish the school year. At the conclusion of the performance, there will be presentations made to them for which the year 6 parents are welcome to stay on. Photographs will be taken afterwards at school. Then in the final week of school they will have a party.

May God bless you!

Debbie Middleton,