May 27 2016

Principal’s Message Vol.67 – May 2016

Dear IslandCA Community, Savadee, Xinchao, Goededag, 你好!

Next week, from Monday to Thursday, we will have two accreditation visitors at school. They will be coming to collect evidence that IslandCA is ready to be fully accredited in the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The focus for this is on learning. They will spend most of their time in classrooms asking students about their learning, The majority of students are quite comfortable talking to different adults coming into the class and asking questions about their learning. I have enjoyed doing this often over the last year, as have the Deputy and Vice Principal. Learning questions include: What are you learning? Is this difficult for you, easy or just right? Is what you
are learning a knowledge, skill or understanding? What do you know now that you didn’t know when you came to school this morning?

The accreditation visitors may also talk to you as parents / caregivers if you bring your child(ren) to school in the morning or collect him/her/them in the afternoon. Some things that they will be interested in hearing about from you include:

– What your child is learning and how you support this out of school,
– IslandCA’s shared vision for its students, and how you support this and help develop this in your child(ren) outside school
– How classroom practices help develop the personal goals (e.g. group work develops co-operation)
– The development of knowledge, skills and understanding
– That your child is engaged in his/her learning
– That you come to (for example) exit points and on field trips
– How you and the school support your child developing multiple perspectives on a theme
– That you know that the main purpose of assessment is to improve student learning.

Thank you for all your support in learning about, and being involved in, the IPC. A small group of parents has been selected to have a meeting with the visitors; this group has been chosen to represent (1) length of time their child has been attending IslandCA – ranging from when the school first started to having just joined this year. (2) different year groups their children are in—from year one to year six. Have a great day and weekend!

Debbie Middleton