May 12 2016

Principal’s Message Vol.66 – May 2016

Dear IslandCA Community, 你好!

The personal goal that is the school focus over the next few weeks is ‘respect’. The child-friendly definition runs: “Respect means I consider the needs of others and the environment because they are important.” As you know, May is Helpers’ Appreciation Month. Yesterday afternoon the domestic helpers who came to the special afternoon tea held for them at school really felt appreciated! As well as eating, drinking, singing and chatting, the helpers heard about respect and the other personal goals. We gave them encouragement, along with tips on helping our students (your children) continue to develop the personal goals – especially respect!

It was great to see so many mums at school for Mums’ date last week. There was a very varied range of activities, which included floral arranging, painting, dancing, reading, technology challenges and massage. Mums said they enjoyed it very much. In fact one mum who was receiving a massage from her child said that she wished she could have Mum’s date every day, so that she could have her child massage her shoulders every day! I suggested to her that it might become a homework activity.
For the very first time, IslandCA had a team compete in last week ’s “Battle of the Books” competition. Our thanks and congratulations to our librarian Joy Zheng for the great job she did in organising and leading the team. I handed out certificates to our students at assembly this week, not only for participating for the first time, but also for achieving second place in their group. It was quite a feat to read and study 20 books and then answer questions on them correctly!

God Bless You,

Debbie Middleton,