April 6 2016

Principal’s Message Apr 6, 16

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12
I was fortunate enough to visit two wonderful art exhibitions during the Easter Break and view literally hundreds of different pieces of art. This is something I very much enjoy doing as art has the capacity to evoke strong thoughts and emotions; it helps you to see and experience the world from a different perspective. Through appreciating art I find I gain a deeper understanding of myself and others, and the way in which people interact with each other and their surroundings.
This month through the IPC we are prompting the students at the Primary School to ask themselves “wdydwyd?” (Why Do You Do What You Do?). Through this the students will
begin to reflect on their actions and see whether they are consistent with what they know to be morally right and wrong. By tracing actions back to the reason why they were chosen, the students are able to gain a deeper appreciation of their values and beliefs, they understand why they act the way they do, and they explore how they can act differently in the future.
Coincidentally wdydwyd? is the title of a worldwide community art project which can be viewed online. To me it is a great example of how art can be thought-provoking and lead to valuable reflection of the meaning of life. The project can be viewed at:
wdydwyd? can be asked by an individual, and it can also be asked by a family together. It can be a very valu-able exercise to sit down with your family over dinner and ask your children the question “why do you think our family does what it does?” I’m sure that you will be surprised by the answers you receive. This is then a great opportunity to discuss what you believe is important in life and then see if what you are doing truly re-flects what you see as important. It’s amazing how much time families spend doing things that they do not see as important, or that go directly against what they see as important.
At NIS we have a well developed mission statement which defines why we do what we do. We are constant-ly referring to this statement to ensure that our actions are in line with what we see as important. Our mis-sion statement is an important guide for our school which is why it is displayed prominently at the Primary School, and will be displayed prominently at the Kindergarten shortly as well. I would encourage all the school community to read our statement, it can be a great starting point for further discussions as to how we can improve our school through fulfilling our mission better in the future.
NIS mission