January 15 2016

Principal’s Message Vol.60 – Jan 2016

Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

Happy New Year! Welcome to term 2. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

This term we are accentuating the ‘LIVE’ aspect of the school’s shared vision for its students, with the personal goals of resilience and morality. ‘Live’ comes from the last part of the school motto: ‘Living for Eternity’. Given that this term starts with having recently celebrated Christmas and ends with Easter, I think this is quite fitting. We will of course continue to ‘learn’ and ‘love’ and practice International Mindedness and the 8 personal goals.

I am sometimes asked about assessment at Island CA. Assessment is an on going process of gaining information to promote future learning and the measurement of performance at a given point in time. There are 2 main assessment categories – Assessment FOR learning and Assessment OF learning. Staff are currently focussed on writing the mid year reports for students which is based on both types. It summarises learning achieved in term one (including scores), however, it also helps to identify the next steps needed to make progress. It takes account of students’ strengths as well as weaknesses. So if everyone involved— students, parents and teachers— follow up on the information contained in the reports, significant learning and improvement should occur over the rest of the year.

A week after reports are emailed, we invite parents/caregivers and students to come for student led conferences. Part of the thinking behind having the student led conferences is that students (particularly older students) will outline their assessment of their learning and their goals for term 2. Parents/caregivers can then better support their child(ren)’s improvement in learning over the rest of the year.

We look forward to a successful term 2 and hope to see you at the student led conferences in 2 weeks time.

Debbie Middleton