December 18 2015

Principal’s Message Vol.59 – Dec 2015

Merry Christmas Island CA Community and congratulations for making it to the end of term 1!

Term 1 is a very long term; the equivalent of 2 quarters in an American school or equivalent of 2 terms in a New Zealand school. As we approach the end of term 1, I would like to thank you all — parents, staff and students — for your fantastic support and hard work over this term. Much has been achieved this term; new friendships have been made, great learning has taken place and great fun has been had as well. Thank you for supporting the school’s shared vision for its students: love, learn, live, international mindedness and the 8 personal goals — adaptability, enquiry, thoughtfulness, morality, resilience, communication, respect and cooperation.

A huge thank you to the Parent Teacher Association and all those involved in organising the Christmas Fair, it was fantastic! Despite the cold and rain there is a huge turnout and it was a wonderful community event. Friends, families, potential families, staff, parents and students all had a great time. I think it was certainly worth all the effort that went in to setting it up.

Thank you also for your support of the students on Monday with their “Just a Little Christmas” presentations — choir, drumming, percussion orchestra, drama etc. Compared with last year’s Christmas production, it was very low key, nevertheless, everyone was included, and had opportunity to practice communication in different ways — speaking, singing, instrumental, body language, codes etc. They showed adaptability to changes, and thoughtfulness in thinking about how they would come across to an audience. A large proportion of the preparation was done out of class time —before school, lunch times and after school. According to the laughs and comments from parents, friends and families, you enjoyed it at least as much, if not more, than the staff and students did!

We wish you all the best for Christmas, and trust that you will all have a wonderful holiday — a time with family and friends, a time of refreshing, revitalising, reconnecting, fun, joy and laughter and more! May the Peace of God be with you over the next few weeks. God Bless You.

Debbie Middleton