November 20 2015

Principal’s Message Vol.57 – Nov 2015

Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

I would like to congratulate and thank you for being such great ambassadors of our school. We have had hundreds of potential parents and their children in the school over the last few days. There has been overwhelming feedback to us that the reason they want their children to attend this school is from what they have heard and seen from parents and students. They have had parents of students who attend IslandCA commending the school for its nurturing environment, caring teachers, happy children, enquiry programme, students loving to learn.

We have received close to 300 applications for next year, so you have obviously been doing a great job promoting the school with your friends, neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances. Thank you very much.

The end of the 2015 year, and the end of term 1, is fast approaching, Christmas is only about 5 weeks away. Our Parent Teacher Association and other parent helpers are doing a fantastic job in planning the Christmas Fair. They are volunteering a lot of their time in doing so many things, in addition to the huge commitment on the administrative side of planning the fair. They have also been making sustainable decorations, involving the children in making decorations, organising activities, booths, potential Christmas gifts, food, and more! The Fair is going to have even more going on than it did last year! We look forward to seeing you and your families at school on Saturday December 5th. Don’t forget to buy the tokens at a discounted rate, and sign up if you are able to help with the action on the day.

As you know, the Christmas Concert will be a smaller scale event this year, compared with the Christmas production last year. It will be held in the school hall; however, students will present it twice during the day so as to have more room for the audience. All students who are at school will be involved in the concert in some way. What I have heard so far sounds really good! Potential parents on school tours today and last week were really impressed with how polished the students were in their music practice. Thank you again for contributing to this vibrant school community!

Debbie Middleton