November 6 2015

Principal’s Message Vol.56 – Nov 2015

Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

I trust you had a refreshing Chung Yeung holiday and mid-term break, and more recently a ‘Hallowed Eve’ or Halloween!

Although it seems a while ago now, it was good to see you at school for the Parent Teacher Conferences. Other formal ‘reporting’ opportunities over the rest of the school year include written reports in January and June, and student-led conferences (more like parent-led with the junior classes though!). Of course, you are welcome at any other time to meet with teachers — just communicate with the teacher a time that suits you both. The interplay between school and family is important. In fact, brain research shows that in comparing the importance of student teacher relations, interpersonal relations, order, discipline etc, the most important is parental support and involvement!

The International Primary Curriculum encourages parental support and involvement. It is always motivating for students to have parents come to entry or exit points. Even if you are not able to come in to school, I
encourage you to discuss LOVE LEARN LIVE with the associated 8 IPC personal goals and international mindedness. This is the vision we have for our students, a vision ideally shared by the whole school community.

Ask your child the meaning of Adaptability and Enquiry (the goals that we have concentrated on so far this term) – he or she might even remember to do the actions that help him or her remember the definitions as well. A potential parent on the school tour yesterday was impressed with a year 2 student telling me that she was showing adaptability because she was working well on a task different to what was originally planned, i.e. different maths stations.

As staff we are currently working on representing the school’s shared vision pictorially. When we have a pictorial representation short listed we will share it with you for your feedback as well.

May God bless you and the Island CA community as we empower students to achieve the vision.

Debbie Middleton