October 15 2015

Principal’s Message Vol.55 – Oct 2015

Dear Island CA Community, Bonjour, Konnichiwa, Shalom, 您好.

One of the “bottom line nine” (or foundation pillars) of the International Primary Curriculum is that students learn thematically through independent yet interdependent subjects. This helps students develop multiple perspectives. I’m happy to say that students have had a lot of independent,
interdependent and multiple perspective learning take place since the last newsletter!

Students and teachers took part in fun school wide reading activities; the photos give some idea of a different twist to reading! The seniors went on camp; through completely different contexts they gained knowledge, practised skills and came away with greater understanding. For example:
students discovered how resilient and adaptable they were when away from home, and when they attempted new physically challenging things, such as low ropes, kayaking and building rafts.

I was really proud of both students and staff on camp. It was a lot of fun and was rewarding to see our students grow so much, and also to be reminded of what dedicated and passionate staff we have at Island CA.

Teachers are looking forward to sharing with you your child(ren)’s learning progress tomorrow. I trust that you will come away with a better idea of the learning goals, knowledge, skills and understanding that your child has learned, or needs to develop further. We ask that you please keep to the time scheduled, and if you need to communicate further, please organise another time after the mid term break.

I wish you and your families a great mid term break. If you are staying in Hong Kong, enjoy hiking, or being with your family on the Chung Yeung National Holiday.

God bless you,
Debbie Middleton, Principal