September 30 2015

Principal’s Message Sept 30, 15

You make known to me the path of life;
In your presence there is fullness of Joy;
At your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

I have always enjoyed studying pictures and paintings. Some paintings I appreciate because of the colours and textures used by the artist and others I enjoy because of the symbolism the artist uses to convey a message. To the left is a painting by Francis Coates Jones simply entitled “Mother and Child”. To me this painting uses some fantastic imagery to beautifully represent the relationship between a mother and her daughter as the daughter learns and grows.

As parents we spend a lot of time with our children helping them to learn and grow. Because we know our own child better than anyone else, and because we care for them more than anyone else in the entire world, we are undoubtedly the best person to help them become the person they are to become. There is no one in the world more qualified to teach your child than you are.

You might be asking yourself at this point “if I am the best person to teach my children, why do I send them to school?”

At NIS we see ourselves as joining with you in the teaching of your child. We are not in the business of replacing parents, but rather partnering with them with a common goal. We may have the time, skills and resources to be able to teach some lessons better than you may be able to by yourself, but we always teach on your behalf, not as your replacement.

At NIS we are excited to be able to partner with you, knowing that the school has a role to play in helping your child learn all kinds of things. We endeavor to be diligent in our teaching because we know that parents are relying on us to help them teach their child. However, we should never get our relationship confused—it is always the school who serves and helps the parents because it is the parents who are the child’s main teacher, not the other way around.

Finally I would like to encourage you that there is one more person in the partnership whom we must also work with if our children are to grow and flourish. God is the great father and the great teacher who knows each child and loves each child even better than their parents. If we work with each other but not with God we cannot achieve anything. But with God partnering with us, we assure our children a future even greater than we can imagine.