May 22 2015

Principal’s Message Vol.49 – May 2015

Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

What an action-packed two weeks we have had since the last newsletter! We have had “Taste of Culture”, Mums’ Date, and Mufti fund-raising day, which has led to our students, staff and parents raising over HK$30,000 to go to Nepal. That is a stunning achievement!

Thank you so much for your generosity in supporting Island CA’s special Mufti fund-raising day. We have since then received an email from Hope of Nepal orphanage and some photographs of the work they are doing in their village. Further on in the newsletter you will see photos and extracts from the email. I think it is more meaningful for our students to see actual pictures of the village and the people that the money is going to, rather than merely hearing that it is going to Nepal.

Another huge round of applause for all those who made “Taste of Culture” such an exciting, authentic learning experience for our students, and fun for parents and staff. Fancy there being 34 different countries represented among our community! Our thanks also to the teachers who made Mums’ Date a fun time for Mums and children to learn and engage in together. I learned that both “Taste of Culture” and Mums’ Date stem from a long standing tradition at Small World Christian Kindergarten. There are lots of photos; see further on in the newsletter – and also in the forthcoming Year Book.

In these last few weeks of the school year we will extend our thanks in a more personal way. Teaching staff will be providing you, our parent volunteers, with a thank you morning tea. We hope to see many of you there, in a more casual, relaxed, social setting.

God Bless you,
Debbie Middleton