May 7 2015

Principal’s Message Vol.48 – May 2015

Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

Since our last newsletter, there has been that massive earthquake in Nepal. Out of the many needs, and many agencies supplying relief and asking for donations, IslandCA has chosen to support a children’s orphanage, “Hope of Nepal” that was affected by the earthquake. The last report was that the children are still sleeping outside. There are many agencies in Nepal dealing with the immediate disaster, however, the organization that we will be sending the funds through, “Inner City Ministries Ltd.”, has a fund: “NEAR – Nepal Earthquake Aftermath Relief” addressing the ongoing issues. The organisation is a registered charity in Hong Kong; therefore donations over HKD$100 are eligible for a tax deduction. On Friday we will have a mufti day specifically to raise funds for the orphanage. On mufti day, each student will be expected to wear something else instead of school uniform, (this will be a great opportunity for the girls to dress up as Elsa or Anna, or the boys to dress up as superman!) for which they make a donation of at least HKD$20. This money will go to the Nepalese orphanage. Please see more specific details about how to donate further on in the newsletter.

When I wrote the last newsletter we were part-way through Science and Technology week, and still looking forward to the Family Challenge. Thank you very much to the hundreds of parents and family members who participated. It looked as if we had some very competitive families and everybody had a good time. It was extremely difficult to come up with a winner; however, we do have some 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters, as well as teams that did exceptionally well in particular categories. See later in the newsletter for more details.

We had Dad’s Date earlier in the year, and on Friday we have the same chance for the Mums with Mum’s Date. We look forward to seeing you here.

In a couple of weeks’ time we will have Taste of Culture; this has proven very popular in previous years. It is an International day where students participate in activities from different countries. Please see details further on in the newsletter.

God Bless you,
Debbie Middleton