April 24 2015

Principal’s Message Vol.47 – Apr 2015

Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

Welcome back to Island CA for term 3. Almost two weeks have passed and we are now well and truly back into the swing of things! It is great to see the students all so fully involved, and enjoying their learning. ‘’Science and Technology’’ is our current big focus. Many of the IPC personal goals have been in evidence — communication, enquiry, resilience, adaptability and thoughtfulness. We are developing a cohort of problem solvers and thinkers-outside-the-square; the sorts of people who become entrepreneurs!

We started off the week with children in Years 1 and 3 doing their science and technology challenge. The Year 1s had thirty minutes, working in teams, to make a flower costume out of paper. The costume had to survive without falling apart as the wearer walked downstairs and across the hallway. The year 3s worked in teams to make the strongest, widest bridge in thirty minutes, using ice block sticks, newspaper and string.

On Tuesday, Year 2s made speaking machines with newspaper and string. The Year 5s’ challenge was to make a moon habitat, using newspaper, while the year 4s had a very interesting electrical challenge. They had to devise and make an attention–getting device for a dog whose owner was deaf. Given wires, a battery and a light bulb, but no switch, the students had to think “outside the square” to make a switch that a dog could use without special training. Some solutions used scissors opening and closing the scissors against the wire to complete the circuit. Other solutions used tin foil, and put a bone on top of it, the idea being that the dog would complete the circuit by stepping onto the tinfoil to grab the bone, in the process pressing the tinfoil down against another piece of tinfoil, to turn the light bulb on.

The winning teams from the class challenges then formed ‘vertical’ teams (a junior, middle and senior student in the same team).These vertical teams all competed in the hall, building the “’Leaning Tower of Pasta” in 25 minutes out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Surprisingly, some of these structures were still standing at the end of the day! Other towers had been taken apart so the marshmallows could be eaten!

Apart from the challenges, students have also been planning ‘fair tests’ and other types of investigations — building boats out of recyclable materials, growing seeds, making volcanoes, testing lung capacity, tooth decay, and so on.

As of Wednesday, over 75 families have signed up to take part in the family challenge. I am sure they will have lots of fun using their creativity and working together to complete the given task.

God Bless you,

Debbie Middleton