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Principal’s Message Vol.45 – Mar 2015


Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

Thank you for taking the time to come to the Student Led Conferences. I trust you found the conference valuable.  Feedback I have received so far is that children were quite thoughtful in preparing and explaining their learning to you. Sports Day is another opportunity for you to see your child in action soon in a different way. If you are able to make your way to Wan Chai I am sure you will enjoy watching the different athletic activities.

Our students have a wide range of meaningful experiences that help them learn. I thought the year 4 students did well yesterday for the IPC exit point “They Made a Difference —Significant People”. Each student represented a historical character, and entertained their audience with a presentation about his/her life, representing significant aspects with artifacts. Imagine Napolean Bonaparte coming up and talking to you in real life! I also enjoyed seeing the year 5 students present a topical news, sports and weather television show as the exit point to “Making the News”. The year 5s also had a tug of war as an entry point for their “Fascinating Forces” unit.
There have been a number of field trips related to the IPC units since the last newsletter. The year 2s visited the Science Museum and Cinema City as part of the “Media Magic” and “Look and Listen” units. The year 4s visited the Sun Yat Sen Museum and walked part of his trail. The year 1s learned about “Transport and Travel” by travelling using different types of transport: tram, bus, MTR and Star Ferry. They also did a ‘sound’ walk in the local area, before their music class representing sounds of different types of transport.
In addition to having all this fun, our students learned new knowledge and developed new skills and understanding in areas such as Geography, History, Technology, Science, Technology, Art, Music and International Mindedness.

We had a very productive IPC pre-accreditation visit. It was encouraging to be told that Island CA school reports are the best Sarah has seen reporting on the International Primary Curriculum. The students did a great job in demonstrating how enthusiastic and engaged they are in their learning. Thank you to the parents who met with Sarah to talk about how the school is going from a parent perspective.

Please take time to read the rest of the newsletter to see what else has happened, or is planned.


God bless you,

Debbie Middleton



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