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Principal’s Message Vol.43 – Feb 2015


Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

The Mandarin teachers, assistants  and students have done a great job in brightening up the School for Chinese New Year.  There are home-made lanterns, red and gold 3D hangings made from recycled materials as well as student work around the School.  They have all worked hard in planning for the event being celebrated at School this Friday.  We hope that you can make it.  It starts with a Mandarin led assembly at 7.55 in the school hall.  Just a reminder that students are encouraged to wear Chinese costume, or clothing that is red or gold; otherwise, it is fine to wear school uniform.

Last week I shared some information about current IPC achievement, and year four International School Assessment achievement data.  We have received positive feedback regarding these results from very happy parents and staff!  The following is information about achievement in reading across the whole school:

Island CA uses the norm-referenced “PM Benchmarks” for assessing reading comprehension.  You may have noticed, printed on the student progress reports, the level that students should be at by the end of the school year.  Congratulations to over 60% of our students, who are already reading with excellent comprehension at or above the end-of-year level.

Our students (and to a lesser extent teachers) will be sharing with parents and / or caregivers their work and progress, and will either be sharing goals that have already been or working on setting goals with parents and teachers.  For the older students, this will be mostly student-initiated.  For the younger ones, it will be scaffolded by adults.

Have a really joyful Chinese New Year, and a great week’s school holiday.

We look forward to seeing you at student-led conferences after the break,


Debbie Middleton




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