January 30 2015

Principal’s Message Vol.42 – Jan 2015

Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

For the first time at Island CA we reported on the International Primary Curriculum in our progress reports sent out in December. The teachers have been using the international norm-referenced Skills rubrics (the same ones used at all IPC schools). I have analysed the school wide data for “Skills”. Statistically in school wide achievement data 75% should achieve at or above the expected level. My congratulations to Island CA students and staff, since 88—100% of all year groups achieved at or above the expected level.

The International School Assessment individual reports will be shared with year 4 students and parents soon. Year 4 / Grade 3 is the first year level at which these tests are administered. These are tests that compare our students’ achievement with thousands of students in other international schools around the world. We can really congratulate our year 4 students and all their teachers. Island CA results were significantly higher compared with “all other schools” in reading, and significantly higher than “other like schools” for boys. In maths and writing, the results were also higher compared with “all other schools”, but not significantly so statistically. However, looking at our individual student results, many students achieved well above their year level.

From next week you will see an additional face in the Reception Office at Island CA. We welcome Gislene as our new Admissions Officer. Our thanks to Herelle for her work in filling in. Our school is growing each year, and we are currently in the process of hiring new staff for the next school year. Some staff contracts expire at the end of this school year, so some staff members will decide whether to return home, move to a different country, add to their educational CV in Hong Kong by getting experience in another Hong Kong school in Hong Kong or whether to renew their contract at Island CA. Staff will share their decisions before the end of the school year.

Have a blessed week
Debbie Middleton