January 16 2015

Principal’s Message Vol. 41 – Jan 2015

Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

Welcome back after the holidays and welcome to Term 2.  I trust you all had an enjoyable break with friends and family.  A warm welcome to those families who have joined the Island Christian Academy community this term.

At Island Christian Academy students are empowered to Love, Learn and Live.  This fits with the motto of “Loving for Today, Learning for Tomorrow, Living for Eternity.”  Last term we focused on “Love,” and this term we will focus on “Learn.”

In keeping with our integration of the International Primary Curriculum’s personal goals, we will focus this term on the personal goals of Adaptability, Communication and Enquiry.  This of course does not mean that we will not be showing love, thoughtfulness, cooperation and respect in Term 2, nor does it mean that we did not learn to enquire, communicate or adapt in Term 1!  We will make a special focus, however, on these traits/goals, especially in school assemblies and in giving out awards.

When we worked with the IPC trainer in August, the following are some ways in which staff thought they could actively help students to adapt, communicate and enquire:

Adaptability — work in groups with different children, change seating, change routine, change rooms, have different roles in a role play, have different teachers (for example, specialists, supply and co-teacher).
Communication — conflict resolution, learning to communicate with respect, show and tell, circle time, contributing to school assemblies and newsletters, skype interviews.
Enquiry — open ended activities, investigation, thinking hats, group work, cooperative learning, guided discovery, science experiments, projects, visits and discussion.
You as parents/caregivers will be able to encourage some of these activities outside of school as well.

All the best for Term 2!  Some of the things we look forward to include, the postponed sports day, Chinese New Year Celebration and student-led conferences.

Finally, a very big thank you for the many messages of sympathy and condolences; they are very much appreciated.


Debbie Middleton