November 7 2014

Principal’s Message – Nov 2014

Dear Island CA Community, 您好.

So much has happened, including our midterm break, since the last newsletter four weeks ago.

The improvement in the weather has made outdoor activities more practicable. We have enjoyed field trips to Crossroads (year 3 Chocolate unit) and the Medical Sciences Museum (year 2 Health unit). The year 4s held a science activities day in the open, covered play area, and many of the Dad’s date activities took place in open areas as well. There was a lot of action on Dad’s Date; one highlight was the Egg Dropping technology challenge (year 1). Some eggs were so well protected that they still didn’t break even after being dropped from level 5 to the open playground on the ground floor!

Thank you so much to the many parents who have come to school over the last couple of weeks. It was great meeting and catching up again with you at Parent-Teacher Conferences, Dad’s Date and the Parent Teacher Association Annual General Meeting.

At the PTA AGM I shared highlights of Island CA’s Development planning. One thing I reported on was progress on planning for our Middle School. The good news so far is that we have approval to have years 7 and 8 on site at 70 Bridges Street. We also have approval to use the International Middle Years Curriculum, which follows on seamlessly from IPC and will allow a smooth transition to IB at secondary school level. We are planning to use the 7th and 8th floors for the Middle School, and we will continue to use the specialist classes on the other levels – (3 & 6). The current staff room, meeting room and resource area will make a great flexible, innovative learning environment for our senior students. Our Governing body is also actively continuing to pursue a suitable site for the secondary school. Some regulatory approvals will be required, however, it is reassuring to know that we have something concrete for our older students.

Over the next few newsletters I will share more of our plans for Island CA.

God Bless You,

Debbie Middleton