Now, more children will benefit from a Small World education
April 1 2011

More Reception Services for Hong Kong Families

Small World Christian Kindergarten addresses the needs of the community with additional classes in Fall, 2011

A child’s participation in a quality early childhood education program assists in laying the foundation for their future success in learning and life. Following the overwhelming success of the K1, K2, and K3 classes at Small World Christian Kindergarten and in response to the dearth of Primary 1 spaces for students aged five to six years old within the international educational community of Hong Kong, Small World is pleased to announce that it is constructing an additional service called Upper K3.

Upper K3 will launch in September 2011 and will be co-located with the existing Small World classes. Children born in 2006 are eligible to attend Upper K3, and students currently enrolled in Small World Christian Kindergarten’s K3-level classes will be granted priority for admission. The class size is limited to a maximum of 12 students. The curriculum will be equivalent to Reception, with courses including Language, Math, Science, Mandarin, PE, Music, Drama, and Christian Education. The class is currently planned to start at 8:30am and end at 1:00pm, with special interest courses extending the class day until 2:30pm. What’s more, Upper K3 students will receive priority consideration for admittance to Year 2 in Island Christian Academy, which is expected to open its doors in September 2012.

“Our family is extremely excited about the launch of Upper K3. We have been planning to send our daughter to Island Christian Academy when it opens its doors in the fall of next year, and the Upper K3 class offers us a seamless transition from kindergarten to primary while ensuring that she continues to receive a quality education based on sound biblical, moral foundations,” Elaine Lui, mother of Nicole Chan, D3 Student

Parents who wish to enroll their child or children in Upper K3 should contact Admissions at Small World Christian Kindergarten at or visit the Admissions section of the Small World website.